It is a technology of contactless energy transfer (CET) for systems within which it is difficult to obtain information from machines containing rotating parts. Unlike contemporary solutions (compact electronic components – the so-called kroužkostroje or separate sensors containing a battery), this technology reads the values more precisely. At the same time, the purchase cost of this technology is lower than that of contemporary solutions and when used with similar machines, it is even lower (contemporary solutions are always tailor made).

Unique properties

  • Reads values within rotating machines in real operation and in real time
  • Wireless operation (power supply, feedback communication and online monitoring), performance of 5-50 W, distance 5-15 cm
  • Manufacturing and operation optimisation
  • Reusability in connection with different rotation devices
  • Affordable solution (significantly lower price if compared with the technologies used nowadays)

Potential usage

  • In connection with the 4.0 industry, especially in the environment where selected quantities need to be monitored (e.g. temperature)
  • In large-scale manufacturing for the measurement on rotating machines with the performance of up to 100 MW.


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