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Heat Recovery from Wastewater

Hot wastewater is channelled into a recuperative heat exchanger from housing properties, boarding houses, hotels and selected technological operation properties such as convalescent homes and fitness centres. There the heat is transferred to a support medium, i.e. cold water that is channelled into the properties’ hot water sources. Water pre-heated in this way consumes much less energy when being heated to the final required temperature. 

Technology of contactless energy transfer into rotating systems

It is a technology of contactless energy transfer (CET) for systems within which it is difficult to obtain information from machines containing rotating parts. Unlike contemporary solutions (compact electronic components – the so-called kroužkostroje or separate sensors containing a battery), this technology reads the values more precisely. 

Innovative closed technological line for the processing of biodegradable waste, sewage sludge, catering industry waste, liquid manure and other agricultural wastes


Biodegradable waste

  • Hygienisation
  • Aerobic maturation for the production of fertilizers (compost)
  • Biological drying for the production of fuel


Technologies using waste plastics for the production of precast polymer concrete


A technology that – using suitable fillers and admixtures – makes it possible to convert different types of waste thermoplastics into decorative and building components containing innovative composite material – polymer concrete.

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